Chrome updates pick up better Data Saver on Android, drops notification center

Ever get the feeling that your 2G speeds are taking bits and pieces of your sanity away while you’re trying to grab a quick story to read? Sure, your GPS knows you’re in the sticks, but the site tries to load a 1080p advertisement right in your face anyways!

The folks behind Google Chrome are here to help you out with an update to the Android browser app. The Data Saver mode, when turned on, now adds a step to pageloading when it detects a slow connection by holding off images and prompting the user to load them if they want to.

The update will hit India and Indonesia first (other countries later, of course) and is expected to reduce data consumption by 70 percent.

In a related note — this one goes for all desktop versions except Chrome OS — the notification center is now dead. Web-sourced push notifications started popping up back in April, but apparently “in practice, few users” activated the center.

Web pushes are still available for Android, but apparently not for long.

Source: Google (1, 2)
Via: Engadget, The Verge

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