Google could launch native Chrome browser adblocker ‘within weeks’, sources say

Except perhaps for people involved in their making and the occasional Super Bowl shiner, no one really likes ads. Many will even go to great lengths to silence or outright avoid them, buying premium subscriptions to video or audio streaming services, abandoning traditional TV, as well as installing growingly popular ad-blocking tools for a quieter, often smoother and less data-demanding web surfing experience.

Of course, most online platforms and publications, ourselves included, need advertising support to survive and continue cranking up their editorial content while preserving objectivity, but there’s no acceptable excuse for intrusive or full-on abusive ad behavior.

Google apparently thinks so too, and no matter the inherent revenue-shrinking risks in the short term, the world’s most popular mobile and desktop browser may soon get a built-in ad blocker “switched on by default.” While it’s currently far from difficult or time-consuming to download and enable such a third-party plugin, having it baked directly into Chrome could improve filtering, overall speed and resource exhaustion.

Unfortunately, the rumor isn’t confirmed yet, and Google could still decide “not to move ahead with the plan”, according to “people familiar with the company’s plans.” At the same time, an official announcement might take place “within weeks”, and “certain online ad types deemed to provide bad experiences for users” are likely to get the axe.

To more efficiently fight against “offending ads”, Chrome may block both invasive and innocent publicity from websites containing even a bit of the former, thus requiring publishers they “ensure all of their ads meet the standards” recently defined by the Coalition for Better Ads. All in all, this sounds like a gutsy move (almost uncharacteristically so) by Google, if it ultimately pans out.

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