Google Cast will now mirror your Android display to the big screen

One of Google’s most successful devices from last year was quite surprising — the Chromecast. The little inexpensive streaming stick is now learning new tricks at Google I/O. It will now work without it being on the same network as the device you’re using to Cast, mirror your Android screen to the big screen, and more.

The first new Google Cast feature is quite self explanatory. Even if the device you want to Cast from is not on the same WiFi network as a friend’s Chromecast, you need not nag said friend for their WiFi password (which they may have forgotten due to length). Even on a mobile network, you can now send video (or other things) over to Google Cast-ready apps.

The second one is a new Backdrop feature, which will let you granularly curate the background of your Cast-ready device. You can choose from settings such as Places and more. A new Google Now voice command will let you know which picture is currently the backdrop of your TV.

The final feature is Android mirroring straight to the TV. This one’s in beta, and fairly self explanatory — you can send whatever’s on your Android display to the big screen in your living room.

This all should work with the newly-announced Android TV as well, as that device supports Google Cast. Stay tuned for more I/O news.

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