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Google Camera 7.5 brings a much-needed change

By Prakhar Khanna August 25, 2020, 12:42 am

The latest version of the camera app for Pixel phones, Google Camera 7.5 is bringing some notable changes. It includes a change in the file naming scheme for photos and it finally stops saving portrait photos in a separate folder.

The latest development comes from Android Police. Google Camera version 7.5 is switching to the prefix “PXL” instead of “IMG” for starting the file name. The change is said to apply to all photos and videos including Motion Photos, Night Sight clicks, and portraits.

Coming to the much-needed change, Google Camera 7.5 will now stop saving portrait photos in separate folders. It is likely to be appreciated by everyone who uses the Google Camera app. To recall, earlier, portrait pictures used to be saved inside individual folders within the DCIM/Camera directory.

The new Google Camera 7.5 is sideloadable on Android 11 betas.

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