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Google Calendar gets persistent “reminders” in this week’s update

By Stephen Schenck December 7, 2015, 3:19 pm

How do you keep track of the stuff you need to get done? While “I just remember it” may be a valid answer, surely we can do a little better than that, especially with as many organization tools as our smartphones offer. Today Google’s announcing a update to Google Calendar that delivers a new feature aimed at helping you keep on top of your to-do list, with the introduction of the ability to set reminders.

Normally, when you put an item in your Calendar it’s for a specific time and date: so-and-so happening next Monday at 4pm. And while that’s great for tasks you need to do at a particular time, it’s a little insufficient when we’re talking about more open-ended tasks – what if you need to remember to pick up some fresh batteries next time you’re going shopping, but you don’t want to schedule a trip to the store for any specific day?

With reminders, Google Calendar will display a persistent item in your daily list, one that will keep popping day after day until you swipe to dismiss it, indicating you’re done with that reminder.

You can set reminders directly from other Google apps, or even use voice commands to have Google Now create one for you.

Reminders are coming to both Android and iOS versions of Google Calendar, with app updates landing sometime later this week.

Source: Google

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