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Google Calendar can now help Android and iPhone users achieve their goals

By Adrian Diaconescu April 14, 2016, 7:37 am

Can you believe Google’s ultimate time-management web and mobile app just turned ten years old? Oh, how time flies when every minute of every day is neatly organized so you never forget or miss out on both the little and big things happening in your life and around you.

Nowhere near as popular as other Google services like Maps, Gmail or, well, search, Google Calendar technically only exited the beta stage in 2009, and went multi-platform last year, gaining neat features like Drive integration and persistent reminders in recent months.

But perhaps the coolest function to enrich the calendar app’s convenience and versatility is the ability to set up “Goals.” That’s as simple and straightforward as it sounds, aiming to help squeeze into your tight schedule the occasional run, workout or even reading more books or learning a new language to woo your charming new foreign coworker.

To get started, all you need is the free Android or iOS app, and a vague idea of how often and when you’ll want to work towards achieving your objective.

If the unexpected comes up, and messes with your plans, adjusting initial goals is easy as pie, and after a while, Google Calendar will begin to adapt, understand you better, and intuitively act according to your most secret desires, proposing the best time to advance to your final destination. All so you can feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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