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Chrome OS

Google brings Live Captions and a new diagnostics app to Chromebooks

By Nadeem Sarwar April 21, 2021, 10:31 pm

Google is adding a host of new features to Chromebooks with the release of Chrome OS v90, which is now rolling out via the stable channel. The first one is the arrival of automatic live captions for media playing on your device. The feature was recently rolled out via an update for Chrome browser after being one of the coolest features of Pixel smartphones for a while.

Automatic live captions on Chromebooks give a big boost to the accessibility aspect, especially in the education sector where these cheap Chrome OS-running machines are fairly popular. To enable Live Captions on your Chromebook, follow this path: Settings > Advanced > Accessibility > Captions (under the Audio and Captions menu). On the Captions page, you can also tweak parameters such as text size, font, text color, background opacity, and text shadow to name a few.

chorme OS launcher

Google is also improving the launcher search feature in Chrome OS. You can now tap on the Everything Button in the top left corner (or on the keyboard) and find answers to some generic queries such as weather information, checking stock price, seeing a word’s definition, and even simple mathematical calculations.

Additionally. Chrome OS 90 also adds a new Diagnostics app that allows you to quickly run tests for checking battery drain, processor, and memory usage to name a few. The app also shows details such as CPU temperature and current clock speed. Additionally, it is capable of running a few more sophisticated tests such as stress and cache test, floating-point accuracy test, and prime search test among others.

chrome OS diagnostics app

You can find the new Diagnostics app in the launcher on your Chromebook. There is also an option to save a log of the tests you’ve run for future reference. And to make the process of troubleshooting even easier, the app also links users to relevant support articles to fix problems with their Chrome OS machine.


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