The world of art and culture is fascinating, but doing a deep dive and understanding its historical significance as well cultural importance can be a daunting task. To make the latter easier, Google introduced Google Arts & Culture’s Art Zoom series to teach users about important art pieces through famous artists and musicians. Now, Big G is debuting the second season of its educational initiative and has partnered with even bigger music celebrities this time around. The roster includes Colombian reggaeton singer J. Balvin, English songstress Ellie Goulding, British singer FKA Twigs, Canadian singer and visual artist Grimes, The 1975’s energetic frontman Matty Healy and South Korean rapper Chaeyoung of K-pop group TWICE.

Google Arts & Culture’s Art Zoom series offers a virtual guided tour of famous masterpieces with background narration from famous musicians. The gist is that people are more likely to pay attention when an arts lecture is given by a famous musician rather than a regular tour guide or college professor. “Through Google’s “gigapixel” Art Camera—a robotic camera custom-made to create the highest possible resolution images of paintings—you can zoom into an artwork at brushstroke-level detail and explore its hidden depths,” Google explains.

Interested in an art tour with voiceover from a renowned musician? Here’s the itinerary:

  • Grimes explores Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s “The Fall of Rebel Angels.”
  • FKA twigs takes on Artemisia Gentileschi’s “Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy.” 
  • Ellie Goulding talks about her musings on “escapism” in Julie Mehretu’s piece to “strength” with Yves Klein and “chaos” with Cy Twombly.
  • With Matty Healy, dive into Piet Mondrian’s “Grande composizione A con nero, rosso, grigio, giallo e blu.”
  • J. Blavin sharing the untold story behind Fernando Botero’s “July 20th” painting.
  • TWICE lead-singer Chaeyoung talks about Yoo Youngkuk’s “Mountain” while discussing about his interpretation of nature achieved through strong colors, shades, flowy lines and textures.
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