When dealing with a company as secretive as Google, which is also extremely active and involved in so many different segments of the large tech landscape, you’re bound to occasionally come across unfounded speculation and wild rumors that never pan out.

Remember reports from last fall calling for in-house Mountain View smartphone chip designs aimed at suppressing Android fragmentation? They smelled fishy off the bat, and went nowhere since then, as did a slightly less sketchy story first reported a couple of months back on a prospective “first-party Google phone” separate from the Nexus family.

This unnamed diminutive Pixel C of sorts makes an unexpected return to the rumor mill today, courtesy of a reputable India-based tech publication. Gadgets 360 purportedly learnt from anonymous “sources” that “Google is getting ready to release smartphones under its own brand” early next month.

The two apparently measure 5 and 5.5 inches in screen diagonal, providing 32 and 128GB internal storage, and thus loosely fitting the descriptions of the recently oft-leaked HTC-made Nexus “Sailfish” and “Marlin.” It’s unclear if Google’s angle would be to ditch both the Nexus brand and that of the actual device manufacturer (for a hefty sum, presumably), but if these sources are to be trusted, the 5X and 6P will never receive direct follow-ups.

Source: NDTV

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