dark mode on Chrome OS

Google has today announced a host of new security features that will further boost the security of the Chrome browser on Android and iOS with the release of version 86. The first one is the compromised password protection. As the name clearly suggests, Chrome will tell users that the credentials they’re allowing Chrome to remember have been compromised

To do so, Chrome sends a copy of the log-in credentials to Google by using a special form of encryption that prevents even the search giant from extracting the username and password. In case the password has been compromised before, Google will tell users to change the same, and will also redirect them to the page where they can change the password

Google is also bringing the Safety Check feature to Chrome for Android and iOS. This feature checks for compromised passwords, tells users if Safe Browsing is on, and if they are using the most recent version of the browser with the latest security tools. Additionally, the updated version of Chrome will finally enable the password autofill feature on iOS

Plus, the iOS client will also get an extra layer of security by adding support for biometric authentication. The web browsing app’s version 86 on iOS adds support for Face ID, Touch ID and device passcode that has to be entered before the autofill password feature jumps into action. However, users will first have to enable Chrome autofill from the app’s Settings section.

Additionally, the Enhanced Safe Browsing experience that arrived on the browser’s desktop client earlier this year, will also be making its way to the Chrome app for Android. Plus, the desktop and Android builds of Chrome v86 will introduce mixed form warnings. This feature alerts users when they are interacting with a non-secure element on a secure HTTPS protocol page. Additionally, it might even block potentially hazardous downloads embedded on secure pages. 

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