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Google Big Moments is how you could experience breaking news soon

By Sanuj Bhatia October 11, 2021, 3:00 am
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Google might be one of the first places you go to when you need to search for a news piece or a breaking event. But, for quite some time now, Google hasn’t been keeping up with the pace internet looks for news. Now, according to a new report from The Information, Google is working on upgrading how it handles news. The company is developing a new feature called “Big Moments” to bring breaking news to the forefront.

Currently, how Google News works is by listing the articles after they’ve been published for hours. Take even this article for example — if you’re reading this on Google News or the Google feed on your homepage/Chrome, there’s a possibility that this article has been live for hours now. How Google works is by analyzing an article, comparing them to the already published pieces, and then ranks them according to the user’s interest among other things.

But, this isn’t the ideal case for breaking events wherein users are looking for information at a fast rate.

Google apparently wants to take on exactly how Twitter’s system is handling news. Big Moments aims to bring currently unfolding events to the front page in a more timely, if not real-time manner. Once information about major breaking events gets in front of more readers, the system could also update said information as new bits become available to either add more context or offer details/clarity about the topic.

The report suggests that Google has been working on the Big Moments feature for quite some time. More than a year is the timeframe that The Information mentions, to be specific. Apparently, major events, like the January 6 U.S. Capitol siege, are the catalyst behind Big Moments’ further development. Google has been reportedly having a hard time keeping up with such major events, further pushing the development of the upcoming feature.

There’s no word on when the Big Moments will roll out. In a statement to Bloomberg, the search engine giant says “any feature or improvement to our systems goes through a rigorous testing and evaluation process to ensure it delivers value to people,” so it might be some time before we see the feature out in the wild.

Via: The Information, Bloomberg

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