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Google Assistant Voice Match won’t unlock Android phones anymore

By Jules Wang March 7, 2019, 12:30 pm

Android phone users who have enabled Google Assistant have been able to unlock their devices by just triggering an “OK Google” request.

This feature has been around for a time, but it’s now no longer possible to do so. The “Voice Match” feature is no longer be available and users will have to unlock their device in another manner.

Google Assistant is also letting users change what information it displays while engaged in a lock screen query rather than when the device is unlocked.

They can opt into having personal data displayed on the lock screen such as Gmail, Google Calendar, contacts, reminders, shopping lists and memory aids. However, information on payments, Google Photos activities, requests to open apps and queries on more private details like home address will be delivered after unlocking the device.

Users can go into the settings of the Google Assistant app, check under the “Assistant devices” submenu and hit the “Access with Voice Match” item.

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