So, do any of you remember the time when Google and Samsung almost filed for a divorce back in 2014? It was a time when Samsung had really forked Android to look like nothing we had ever seen before in tablets, and which never continued after Google sat down with Samsung and discussed how such dramatic changes were not in the best interest of Android. Today we even see OEM logos on boot up that mention “Powered by Android” at the bottom as a result.

Part of that negotiation involved the cross-licensing of patents between Google and Samsung in order to sweeten the pot. Samsung would benefit from patents, Google would benefit from the predominance of its services on Galaxy phones, and you can see that today if you try to find S Voice dug somewhere around your Galaxy phone. So now that we know that S Voice is pretty-much dead, and that Samsung is looking into VIV as an alternative, analysts predict that won’t happen.

We recently covered rumors that Samsung’s adoption of Nougat could jump directly to version 7.1.1, which could mean the Google Assistant in tow. Analysts claim that a major hurdle for this to happen is VIV, and that Google might force Samsung to not adopt VIV, at least for Android-powered devices. Still, if we consider just how terrible things have been for Tizen, then it’s clear that VIV might be dead on arrival. We’ll see how all this unfolds.

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