Besides all the skills and smart home appliances users can access, one of the core features of the Alexa digital assistant was that users could order items off of Amazon without touching a mouse.

Google Assistant hasn’t exactly caught up on that front.

Well, Google is working to patch this shortcoming up by announcing a new Shopping Actions program for retailers. Those participating would be able to reach customers via Google Assistant while users would have one cart and checkout for all the shops with wishlisting as well.

If you’re in a region with same-day delivery service Google Express, the Assistant will take “buy” requests from Costco, Target and Walmart and direct users to the app. Ads in the search engine promoting products that can be bought on Express can also be added into the cart. It’s not exactly one-tap shopping, though customers would also be able to re-order items through a click or a voice command and link up reward programs with their Google account.

Google claims that on early testing, participating retailers saw higher view-to-buy conversion rates through Shopping Actions than just Google Shopping ads alone at a lower cost. Target, Ulta and are just a few chains in the test pool.

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