The Google Assistant is officially coming to many non-Pixel Nougat and Marshmallow phones

Very little of what we’re seeing unveiled at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona feels surprising or new to folks keeping up with current events and rumor mill rumblings, but out of nowhere, Google just dropped a bombshell on Android enthusiasts… via its official blog.

No rowdy press gathering or fancy livestream needed to steal the spotlight away from BlackBerry, LG, Huawei or Samsung. Especially LG. Unfortunately for the G6, one of its hotly anticipated selling points has been neutralized by the Mountain View-based search giant, which will officially start bringing Google Assistant support to non-Pixel smartphones running Nougat and Marshmallow “this week.”

We don’t have a full list of “eligible” devices for the “automatic” feature addition, as well as no exact release timetable yet, but Google does remarkably vow to enable “hundreds of millions of Android users” to “try out” the so far very slowly expanding digital assistant.

Want names? How about the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG V20 and HTC 10, aka three of the best 2016 Android high-enders? HTC, Huawei, Samsung and Sony are further spelled out as some of Big G’s most important “partner” OEMs in this endeavor, and we should be able to bring you hands-on action really soon, as the Android Global Village in Barcelona is apparently dedicated to early demos of the now rapidly spreading technology.

First headed out to English users in the US, then Australia, Canada and the UK, Google Assistant interaction will eventually reach German speakers in Germany, with “more languages” to be added “over the coming year.” Now that’s something to look forward to!

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