After oddly long wait, Google Assistant comes to the iPad

Tablets may not be the most exciting product category in our coverage zone these days, but they certainly have their place, be it around the house or in a place of business acting as what Alton Brown would call a unitasker or carrying part of the workload off a smartphone, including some of the more vacant tasks like finding out how far away Neptune is (answer: about 4.5 billion kilometers).

Companies behind digital assistants have recently put out more glorified versions of the humble tablet dedicated to delivering on artificial intelligence tasks. But there has always been the ubiquitous iPad as the go-to for large-screen mobile computing. And it has sorely been missing one assistant option: Google’s.

Google Assistant now has a dedicated iPad app and it does what it can do on an iPhone, but it just looks better on a larger display. The key is that it works in tandem with other apps through split-screen mode to coordinate information given out. And we’re all for taking advantage of features like that.

Siri‘s getting a run for Apple’s money.


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