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How to set up Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4?

By Aryan Suren May 24, 2022, 9:30 am
Galaxy Watch 4 placed on a mat with a setup step displayed on the screen Source: Aryan Suren for Pocketnow

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has been on sale for nine months now, and a long-awaited feature — advertised at launch — has finally made its way to users. Yes, we're talking about Google Assistant for Galaxy Watch 4.

It is unarguable that Google has the best conversational AI that's widely available and worth using regularly. Hence, finally having access to it on your wrist can only mean one thing. An increase in the overall convenience your connected devices can afford.

But now that we know it is here, how do you go about getting the feature to work on your Galaxy Watch 4? This article lists the steps you will need to follow to set up Google Assistant and ask it to do what you need.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 43

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

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How to set up Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4?

Downloading Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4

The first step in this process will be downloading an update for the Assistant application that should show up on your Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic if you live in a supported region. To find the update, follow the steps listed below.

graphics showcasing how users can set up Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4 Source: Aryan Suren for Pocketnow
  • Locate the Google Play Store application.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Menu.
  • Tap on My Apps.
  • Spot Assistant and start the update. Once completed, you will see a brand new Assistant Icon within the App Carousel.

Configuring Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4

Launch the Google Assistant App on Galaxy Watch 4 and follow the steps listed below.

graphics showcasing how users can set up Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4 Source: Aryan Suren for Pocketnow
  • Tap on Get Started.
  • Next, tap on Open on phone to activate.

If you've tapped on the above prompt, you will notice a new set of dialogs open on your smartphone (shown in the images below). The following steps will include decisions you need to make based on your preferences and require you to configure features like Voice Match, Personal Results, and Audio Saving. The last feature will share your clips with reviewers who will analyze the recording content to improve Assistant.

This marks the end of configuring Google Assistant to work seamlessly on your Galaxy Watch 4, but if you want to access Assistant with hardware buttons, read ahead as we will show you how to set the Home Button as a quick access key.

How to Activate Assistant with a Physical Button?

Open the Galaxy Wear App on your Android Phone and follow the steps listed below.

An image showcasing the steps you need to follow to activate google assistant with buttons on galaxy watch 4 Source: Pocketnow
  • Tap on Watch settings.
  • Next, Advanced Features.
  • Under the Home Key subsection, locate Press and hold and select it.
  • Now, select Assistant from the drop-down menu.

Note: You can also choose to access the Assistant Application via a Double Press of the Home Button.

In which countries is Google Assistant available on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

As part of its announcement for Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung also released a list of supported languages and regions. The official list includes ten countries and twelve languages.

Countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, The UK, and the USA.

Languages: Danish, English (American, Canadian, United Kingdom, Australian, Irish), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French (Canadian, France), and Taiwanese.

Although Samsung's publicly available list has a limited number of countries, my Galaxy Watch 4 in India also received the new version enabling Assistant. So keep an eye out for the update.


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