After last month adding Apple Music functionality via Alexa on its speakers, Sonos is preparing to roll out Google Assistant to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam smart speakers. The information has been confirmed by Sonos CEO Patrick Spence, who said that the Assistant launch will happen next week. It will initially be confined to the United States, but more regions will get the Google Assistant feature in the coming months.

This feature will truly elevate the customer experience and marks the first time that consumers will be able to buy a single smart speaker and get to choose which voice assistant they want to use. We think giving consumers choice is always the right decision, and we anticipate this philosophy will be adopted in the industry over time — Patrick Spence

The Google Assistant feature has been promised since 2017, but it turned out to be a longer process than it was expected. The feature was shown off earlier this year, and is now finally ready for prime time. Sonos users are also able to play music via Siri on the Apple devices using AirPlay 2.

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