Google Assistant on Allo can now understand and respond to Hindi queries

Threatened not just by existing rivals Alexa, Siri and Cortana, but Samsung’s looming Viv-based Bixby and Kestra that will probably be deeply integrated into the Galaxy S8, Google’s exciting new intelligent personal assistant must rapidly evolve and expand to stay in the spotlight.

Technically available for other Android Nougat devices than Pixel phones (though far from stable or recommended), Google Assistant is also still used to help Allo compete in an ever-challenging instant messaging app arena.

After an impressive “preview” debut back in September, Google Allo gradually lost its steam on a global scale, nowadays ranking almost shockingly low in Play Store popularity. Not in India, however, which apparently “has one of the highest number of users”, many sticking with Allo precisely for Big G’s intuitive assistance.

These “millions” of people will be enthused to hear work on native Hindi support is nearing a happy end, and Allo’s Google Assistant now understands and can respond in a language besides English. A little further down the line, the plan is to converse naturally with your Android phone in Hindi across several other apps and services, but for the time being, it’s nice to see evolution in any shape or form. Especially with Google Allo also available on iOS. “Talk to me in Hindi” is all you need to say to get started today.

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