Google Assistant debuts as competitor to Amazon’s Alexa

Google knows that machine learning and artificial intelligence needs to be more human. After all, 20 percent of the search engine’s queries come from users talking to Google Now. So, why not debut something that not only knows how conversations work, but to deliver results based on that conversation?

Well, Google chief Sundar Pichai gave an answer to lead off the Google I/O keynote and that’s Google Assistant, a voice service to rival against Amazon’s existing open-source Alexa service.

It builds off of the search engine’s Google Now interactions that takes advantage of its trained machine learning. After all, Knowledge Graph connects 1 billion things and figures out how they relate to each other. And voice recognition improving by 25 percent didn’t come for no reason.

For example, “what’s playing tonight?” may suggest “Deadpool” as an local movie theater option. “What if we want to bring the kids tonight?” It will then give you options like Disney’s “The Jungle Book.” Replying with “Sure, let’s go with the Jungle Book” will have Google show you your tickets that it has purchased (with your money) for you.

Ordering food, ordering toilet paper, whatever, Google Assistant can help. And it’ll be a core part of Google Home.

This story is developing.

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