Google apps going “Dark Mode” because Android won’t

The tossing and turning of “Dark Mode” user interfaces on Android has been going on for years. Devout users wanted a way to soothe their eyes from all the white that apps and menus use and they wanted it across all of the operating system.

The Android developer team, though, has been working more towards a piecemeal solution. It has been mixing up Dark Mode on the Pixel phones recently: in Oreo, the quick toggle box above the notfication shade turned dark based on the content of the home screen wallpaper; that has since changed to a manual toggle in Pie.

Now, Google has publicly announced that it will soon debut a “Dark mode” for its Phone dialer app. This follows on from Dark Mode being introduced on the Android Messages app. Other apps, Droid Life reports, such as Contacts have been redesigned with a more white-forward look, indicating that they could be in for a “darkening,” so to say.

In a way, it makes more sense to darken apps as users will spend more time inside them than with the base UI. But whatever the case may be, some action on this front is appreciated.


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