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Google app adds a Lens shortcut directly in the search bar

By Nadeem Sarwar July 27, 2020, 6:00 pm

Google’s Lens is a neat little feature that makes it easier to look up things like searching for an image in a jiffy. Aside from its own dedicated app, Google has also added Lens shortcut to Google Photos and the camera app. Now, the company has added a Lens shortcut in the eponymous Google app.

First spotted by AndroidPolice, the latest build of Google app now has a Lens shortcut in the search bar, sitting alongside the ‘mic’ button for performing a search query. However, it appears that the Lens integration is being added to the Google app in a phased manner as we couldn’t spot it in the app on at least three devices.

Lens integration is definitely a useful addition in the Google app and will make it easier to perform a quick image search. Additionally, Lens also makes it extremely easy to copy text-based content from images such as bar codes, addresses, website URLs, and more such information that would be otherwise hard to copy and paste.

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