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Google announces Android 12 Go Edition with faster app launches, longer battery life

By Roland Udvarlaki December 15, 2021, 10:30 am
Android 12 Go Edition featured Source: Google

Google finally announced the Android 12 Go Edition operating system geared towards low-end, budget, and more affordable smartphones that are far less powerful and less power efficient compared to mid-ranger devices and high-end flagships.

Android Go Edition has been going strong for many years, and there are more than 200 million people relying on an Android Go smartphone. The Android 12 Go Edition brings some massive changes, improving the overall experience by loading apps faster, introducing more privacy features, and conserving battery life without impacting the user experience.

Android 12 Go Edition Speed comparison Source: Google

Android 12 Go will open applications up to 30% faster than previous Go Edition Android devices, and the animations will be much smoother. Google promises users that they no longer have to wait looking at the blank screen when opening apps. The SplashScreen API will also let developers customize the window upon loading up the application.

Android 12 Go Edition Longer battery life Source: Google

The Android 12 Go Edition will also be a lot smarter, and it will be able to automatically save battery life and storage by hibernating and disabling apps that haven’t been used for a longer period. This will certainly be a great addition, especially on those devices with limited storage capacity.

Android 12 Go Edition Intelligent features Source: Google

As on the full-fledged stock Android, users will be able to go to the recent apps screen and listen to news, or translate any on-screen content to the user’s preferred language. Nearby Share will also finally come to Android 12 Go Edition, and it will let users send files to nearby, trusted devices. That’s not all, switching between accounts and enabling Guest mode will also be easier, and it will be accessible directly from the lock screen.

The last and one of the most important features is the new privacy control options. Android 12 Go will now offer users more transparency and show detailed information on what apps are accessing the user’s data, and what data it can access, along with the permissions that are enabled. The Privacy Dashboard will also now be available on the Go Edition, making it easier to maintain and safeguard private information.

Google says that new devices launching with Android 12 Go Edition will be available in 2022.


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