Instead of calling it quits, Google could soon expand Android One initiative to the US

While it certainly looked like a good idea on paper, Google’s ultra-low-cost equivalent to the Nexus program for emerging markets including India proved underwhelming, to say the least. Android One smartphones failed to really take off even with higher-end specs than originally envisioned, from Indonesia to Nigeria, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and Japan.

But with Nexuses out of the picture, and Pixels too rich for the blood of many stock Android aficionados, it makes perfect sense for Big G to give this initiative another try. A much higher-profile one, no less, backed by a reportedly generous marketing budget in an already overpopulated, super-competitive land.

That’s right, credible inside sources claim a US expansion is cooking, with several hardware manufacturers considered as possible partners, and LG unsurprisingly in pole-position for the making of the first Android One device aimed at a North American audience.

Can you say Nexus 5X follow-up? That’s basically what we’re talking about here, although the name will definitely be different. Speculation circles a $200 to $300 price range, timely software updates and security patches delivered directly by Google for “two years from sale date”, and of course, a “pure” OS to begin with.

Google Assistant pre-loading could be in the cards as well, and an official announcement is purportedly due “before the middle of the year.” Color us intrigued.

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