Our first taste of Android M arrived back in the shadow of Google I/O, and shortly after using its keynote address to announce what we could expect from the next version of its operating system, Google made the first Android M preview release available to developers running Nexus hardware. Several weeks later, back around the start of July, Google was ready to follow that up with with the first big update to its Android M preview, and ever since devs have been looking forward to its next release. This week, Google Android Developer Advocate Wojtek Kaliciński gives the community a heads-up as to its progress, and while it’s not ready just yet, it should be soon.

Kaliciński informs users anxious to get their hands on Google’s third Android M preview release that the company is endeavoring to make sure that the platform is in a near-final state before the preview comes out, to give devs as close to a final Android-M-experience as possible in order to make app testing as useful an experience as it can be.

While Kaliciński seems to imply that the release will be ready soon, he doesn’t go so far as to offer any ETA (and attempts to discourage any speculation up that alley). Instead, we’re left with a bit of an it’s-ready-when-it’s-ready situation. Still, considering we’ve still got a while to go before this fall’s presumed final Android M release, that’s plenty of time for Google to get this release ready and give devs a crack at it.

Source: Wojtek Kaliciński (Google+)
Via: XDA Developers

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