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Google Gets A New Android Lawn Sculpture, But It’s Not What You Think

By Stephen Schenck September 12, 2012, 9:16 am

Google has just erected a new Android statue on the lawn of its Mountain View campus; shouldn't that mean a major new release of the mobile operating system is on its way? And so soon after Jelly Bean? Usually, yes, but this time is more of a do-over than anything else, with Google unveiling a new version of its previous Jelly Bean statue.

Remember when we first saw pics of the original Jelly Bean statue during assembly? It was largely transparent, filled with giant-sized jelly beans, but all that see-through plastic ended up being a liability in the hot California sun. It wasn't long before the sun heated up the air inside to the point that it start causing some of the plastic up top to melt a bit.


This new Jelly Bean statue represents a redesign to avoid that kind of issue in the future. Andy is still full of jelly beans, but now a sturdier, opaque head tops the statue (with what look like some smartly-placed vent holes), hopefully up to the task of withstanding whatever environmental assault Mother Nature may throw at it.

Google took the opportunity to share the new sculpture with the world while announcing the 500 millionth worldwide Android activation.

Source: Google

Via: Android Central


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