Google+ Android App is NFC-Enabled

There aren’t a lot of people that are running Gingerbread, let alone Android 2.3.4. There are fewer people that have one of the various flavors of Google’s Nexus S or other NFC-enabled smartphone. There are even fewer people that have an NFC-enabled phone running Android 2.3.4 and are in on the Google+ “field test”.

Those few people, however, are able to read NFC tags and share their text with people in their Google+ circles. Which, when put that way, doesn’t seem like much. The potential, however, could be impressive.

In the future could we see NFC tags fire off various Google+ events? Could scanning an NFC tag ask you to add someone (or some place) to one of your Circles? Perhaps placing your phone on a tag could subscribe you to a particular Spark. An NFC tag on a table could allow you to join an online Hangout or Huddle at a restaurant, sports bar, or other location.

What would you do with NFC and Google+?


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