Google and Asus Planning To Land 600,000 Tablets In June?

There were lots of rumors about the Google-tablet (Google’s own tablet) — some even referring to it as the Google Nexus tablet — and then they disappeared for a while. Recent reports seem to bring the story back to the spotlight touching on earlier rumors. Asus is allegedly the company that will build Google’s slate and it is expected to be a seven-incher (or right there), in order to better compete with Amazon’s Kindle, which by the way is now rumored to prepare a 10.1-inch refresh.

Recent reports seem to talk about 600,000 initial units of the Google-Asus tablet, which would be released in June, with a July market availability. The information, as usual, comes from “sources from the upstream supply chain” and has not been confirmed by Asus. The report also claims that the tablet should have been out this month but it is undergoing some changes. Of course, rumors like these could go either way… With recent speculation around the magical number five (Google’s fifth birthday is expected to bring Android 5.0 and five new devices on November 5) the Google Nexus Tab could be one of them.

Source: DigiTimes

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