Google Allo Hands-On Preview: Because Google Assistant’s on preview

Our first taste of what the Google Assistant can do for us in our everyday lives is within the Google Allo messaging app that got released today. Now, you can get your undergarments scrunched up about all the chat apps that Google has floated out, but we’ll save the debate for another post.

What got released today for both Android and iOS seems to be an attempt to become what Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, iMessage and [insert your app of choice here] have become — cuter, more versatile and smarter.

While that includes the usual pack of stickers or the doodly-doos on your pictures, it also means increased privacy guards such as self-destructing messages in Incognito Mode and instant access to the Google Assistant to look up restaurants, directions, what an Apple Banana is and to tell someone about your flight so that they can prepare.

Except you can’t. Google Assistant can’t share personal information such as your travel plans in a multiple-person conversation just yet. You have to be talking with the Assistant in a separate thread. You also can’t buy a movie ticket or book a table at an eatery just yet — apparently, the bot-linking to Fandago and OpenTable aren’t ready. And you can’t use Google Assistant in Incognito Mode, which is an encrypted shame, really.

Our contention is that if Google Assistant is in preview mode, then Allo is in preview mode. And that’s that.

Check out Allo in more detail in the video below. We’ll have continuing coverage with our eyes on the upcoming Pixel Phones in just weeks.

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