Google’s new iMessage-like chat client, Allo, is trying to keep its visibility up in the news, but only with a weak 2.0 update. It’s weak in the fact that Google Assistant still can’t make reservation or book movie tickets or even show personal information you’ve stored on Google to your convo partner(s). But at least Android Nougat users will have a slightly better user experience.

You can now take advantage of Nougat’s split screen mode with the app by holding down the multitasking app. In-line replies within notifications are also open.¬†There’s a 2.0 update on the iOS side, too. You now get to doodle on your photos, dictate your Google Assistant request and reply in the notifications center. VoiceOver interactions get better for stickers and incognito chats.

And while Google Assistant might have lost the “Preview Mode” tag, it’s still not in prime function just yet.

Let’s hope that changes with version 3.0.

Download: Android, iOS
Via: PhoneArena

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