Google already sells music to download through its Play Store. It already has streaming radio with the subscription All Access service. From an outsider’s perspective, it might seem that – so far as music is concerned – Google has all its bases covered. But now a new report suggests that Google’s got its eye on growth yet again, and could be looking to snatch-up another streaming provider in the hopes of improving its music offerings.

That provider is Songza, and its claim to fame is that beyond just artist- on genre-based playlists, its service can deliver music tailored for particular activities or to suit specific moods. Looking for some dinner party music? Hankering for some tunes with a cocky, confident vibe to them? Songza’s got you covered.

And while playlists like those might be nice additions to Google’s existing services, it doesn’t sound like the company is crazy-enthusiastic about this rumored acquisition – certainly not anything near the level we just saw from Apple and Beats. Instead, Google is rumored to be offering a mere $15M for Songza, which is pretty much pocket change so far as Google is concerned. As such, we’re not overwhelmingly confident that this particular deal might happen, but from the reports surrounding it, it sure sounds like Google is interested in fleshing-out its streaming music output one way or another.

Source: New York Post
Via: Android Police

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