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Google has rolled out an update for Gmail that adds a new Quick Settings menu to help users customize the look and layout of their inbox. Just to be clear, the Quick Settings menu does not introduce any new features, but it simply makes those customization options easier to find that were earlier buried deep within the main settings section.

Under the Quick Settings menu, you can find themes to jazz up the look of your inbox, choose an email density layout (default, comfortable or compact), play with the inbox type, apply a reading pane, and more. Take a look at the GIF above to see how the new Quick Settings menu in Gmail makes the task of customization much easier.

Google says the rollout of Gmail’s latest update carrying the Quick Settings menu has already begun and it will start showing up for users within the next 15 days. Do keep in mind that these customization options will also be available in their usual place in the main Settings menu if you want to dig deeper and play with more advanced options.

Source: Google Blog

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