Gmail receives support for easy, hassle-free money transfers on Android

Yes, Google Wallet is still alive, even after the 2015 birth of NFC-powered Android Pay, its slow but steady ensuing growth, as well as PayPal’s continuous comfortable domination over the online money market.

Integrated into Gmail’s computer client for several years now, Google Wallet support finally arrives on Android today to facilitate mobile email payments. From the Gmail Android app, all you have to do is tap on the attachment icon and choose whether you want to send or request money.

The first time you’ll receive an email with currency attached, you’ll be asked for debit card details that shall remain stored in your account for all future money exchanges. As for the send option, the beauty of it is the recipient can even be a user of a competing email service. Oh, and there are no fees involved for either the sender or the beneficiary.

Everything takes place in the actual Gmail app, so you’re not even required to install Google Wallet. Big G’s goal is to make sending money as easy and hassle-free as file attachments from your phone or on the web, which certainly seems the case, but alas, only in the US at the moment.

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