It’s now possible to receive 50MB emails in Gmail, but sending size limits are 25MB

As of last year, both Gmail and Yahoo! Mail touted an active user base of around a billion people. But following the latter’s unprecedented data breach, and worse yet, the company’s lack of transparency since finding out about it, it should now be easier than ever for Google to crush the popularity of its bitter email service rival.

Today’s update of the crowd-pleasing and (slightly more secure) email solution for computers, Android and iOS devices sounds like another (small) step towards total market domination, raising size limits from 25 to 50MB.

Oddly and obnoxiously enough, you’re only able to receive up to 50MB emails, not also send massive file attachments, which remain capped at the old 25 megabytes standard. Basically, this Gmail revision makes it easy for its clients to communicate with folks on certain competing services, but just in one direction.

Then again, you can always use Google Drive to share “files of any size”, and you still get those 15 gigs of free cloud storage, no strings attached.

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