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How many bells and whistles can you add and take away from an email app before it gets too big? Or too complex?

The latest addition to Google’s suite of “Go” apps for Android 8.1 Oreo (Go Edition) is Gmail Go. So, what else can you do besides send and receive email? Well, inbox messages are kept on local storage so that they can be read offline and the app will store any outbox messages and send them once the device reconnects to a network.

Gmail Go also slathers on the algorithms by blocking spam aggressively and sorting incoming emails by labels, putting the focus on friends and family first. That’s all combined with up to 15GB of cloud storage, the standard for any Gmail user. The app also works with Outlook, Yahoo and other IMAP and POP clients, as you would expect.

Those who have an Android Go device will get this app automatically. Whether it will come to other phones is yet to be seen.

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