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Gmail for Android picks up handy block-sender, unsubscribe options

By Stephen Schenck September 22, 2015, 1:45 pm

How much email do you have to wade through on a daily basis? If you’re anything like most of us, that answer is probably “too damn much,” and you’re eager to pick up any new tools that become available in that never-ending quest for inbox zero. Today Google’s announcing a couple new features about to hit Gmail for Android, both aimed at keeping mail you don’t want out of your inbox in the first place.

The big new one is Gmail’s block-sender feature: find yourself on the receiving end of unwanted messages from a particular individual, and you can blacklist their email with a couple quick taps, relegating all future emails straight to your spam folder. It’s hitting web-based Gmail today, and Android users should see it arrive within the course of a week.

Our other new feature is one that’s already existed for the web, and is just now migrating over to Android: unsubscribe. This one’s useful if you’re still interested in receiving email from a company or organization, but you’d like to get off a specific mailing list. Rather than read through all the fine print at the bottom of one of those messages hunting for the proper unsubscribe link, you can just pull up a menu and let Gmail take care of all that for you.

Source: Google

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