Gmail Android update brings updated graphics and new Drive integration

What’s a better way to kick your week off than with some fresh Google app updates? The latest Gmail Android update brings a fairly significant amount of changes, such as UI tweaks, new Drive integration features, and a couple Easter eggs in true Google fashion.

The first and foremost user interface change comes with the refresh indicator, now cycling through the entire Google rainbow rather than the holo blue color of the past. Settings, Feedback, and Help have all been moved over to the hamburger slideout menu, following a trend in other Google apps, and the user account switcher has been given a bit of a facelift, in that you can now see account profile pictures to easily switch between accounts.

Moving on to other changes, attachments have been made easier to deal with. New options when viewing attachments include the ability to print them, or save them in Google Drive.

Finally, screens where you find no search results will show things a bit more interesting than “No conversations.” In folders like your Inbox, Trash, and Spam ones, you will find “You’re all done! Please enjoy your day” (in true Mailbox fashion), “No trash here. Thanks for recycling!,” and “Hooray! No spam here!,” respectfully. Of course, all have pretty images to go with them, because why not?

Some other minor tweaks include the ability to view entire emails when they become truncated, as we still don’t know why this feature has just made its way over to Android. Also, inline images can be viewed individually, independent of the email viewer. Android Police also notes a few strings in the app’s code letting users why some messages are in Spam.

This one’s another healthy update for sure, but we can’t help but remain puzzled at the fact that today isn’t quite Wednesday (Google’s usual app update day). Hop on over to the via link if you want to download the update ahead of a potentially slow staged rollout.

Source: Gmail (Google Play)
Via: Android Police

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