Both Google and Apple are eager to spread their mobile influences from beyond that tiny device you carry around in your pocket to one that’s attached to some slightly more substantial hardware: your car. Just as Apple’s got its CarPlay, Google has Android Auto, and we’ve already seen efforts from both car makers and companies manufacturing after-market in-dash units to deliver models compatible with these systems, like the news we got from Hyundai earlier this week. Now it’s GM’s turn to get its fleet ready to work with your smartphone, as it shares word of dual CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility coming to a bunch of new Chevy vehicles.

All told, 14 of the company’s 19 Chevy automobiles will support Android Auto and Car Play through their MyLink in-dash systems for the 2016 model year. Those include vehicles like the Camaro, Suburban, Silverado, and Volt.

Users connecting their handsets to the MyLink systems with compatible cars will be greeted with interfaces that –while providing slightly simplified UIs from what they know on their smartphones- should feel right at home.

GM seems to be investing heavily in this technological expansion, outfitting hundreds of its dealerships as Connection Centers which users can turn to for guidance in putting a little bit of “smart” in their car with the help of Google’s and Apple’s systems.

Source: USA Today

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