That glucose-tracking Apple Watch is so close to production Tim Cook may have started wearing it

If you had trouble believing the Apple Watch is genuinely close to non-invasively monitoring its wearer’s blood sugar the first and second time we heard speculation on the matter recently, maybe third time will be the charm.

The reputable news network behind the original report from about a month ago regarding an elite team of biomedical experts in charge of the project is back at it today, quoting an inside source as spotting CEO Tim Cook himself “test-driving a device that tracks blood sugar, which was connected to his Apple Watch.”

It seems as though Cook isn’t protected from the always looming threat of intelligence leaks even at the famously secretive Apple Campus in Cupertino. Then again, there’s no concrete proof or photographic documentation of this alleged wild sighting, so it could still all be a hoax, not to mention an unfinished prototype far from mass production.

Based on the wording of the latest report, we can almost be certain the glucose tracker won’t be baked directly into the Apple Watch whenever it materializes, and also safely assume it’s not part of an interchangeable band setup either. Instead, we might be talking about a separate thing altogether, somehow “connected” to the main wearable and capable of continuously supervising the way your blood sugar “responds to foods you’re eating” as you’re ingesting them.

Intriguingly enough, Tim Cook may have confessed to trying out the revolutionary accessory way back in February during a speech at the University of Glasgow, which surprisingly never transpired until now.

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