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Google announces $999 Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR glasses

By Anton D. Nagy May 21, 2019, 8:00 am

The original Google Glass Enterprise Edition from 2017 just got an update as Google unveiled the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR Glasses on Monday. As its name implies, just like with the predecessor, these smartglasses will not be available for the end consumer, as they are oriented towards businesses and corporations.

Glass Enterprise Edition has helped workers in a variety of industries—from logistics, to  manufacturing, to field services—do their jobs more efficiently by providing hands-free access to the information and tools they need to complete their work — Google

The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform, making it faster and smarter than the predecessor. With its own artificial intelligence engine, the platform is also more power efficient. There are 3GB of RAM helping the processor, and available on-board storage is capped at 32GB.

Google partnered with Smith Optics “to make Glass-compatible safety frames for different types of demanding work environments, like manufacturing floors and maintenance facilities“.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 features a 640 x 360 display, an eight-megapixel camera, as well as a multi-touch gesture touchpad. There are three microphones that take care of voice commands, and a speaker for playing back audio. Networking is supported by Wi-Fi 802.11a/c capabilities, as well as Bluetooth 5.0. The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is running Android Oreo.

You can learn more about Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in the video below, as well as by following the source link.

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