Great news, Pocketnow fans! LG has partnered up with Pocketnow to give away five VR headsets for the LG G3. You might remember that LG gave away a bunch of these a just a couple of months ago, in select markets. These headsets are basically plastic Google Cardboard variants that are designed for the LG G3. Yes, this is the one time when “plastic” is actually an upgrade.

Our readers will have a chance to win one of these headsets in five different areas of our online presence. Keep in mind, this is just the VR headset, not the phone itself.

First of all, let’s be clear about a couple of things –

1. This is a US/Canada only giveaway. Don’t blame us. Blame FedEx and international shipping tariffs. Seriously, in some cases it’d be cheaper for us to fly there and hand it to you.

2. This particular VR headset is only compatible with the LG G3, specifically. Not just “an LG phone.” This is specifically designed for the LG G3. If you have a different phone, this will not work for you. We’d ask you to sit this one out so an LG G3-toting fan can have a fair shot at it.

So how do you win these things? You’ll have five different opportunities. One each on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and the Pocketnow Weekly.  Here’s how these will work.

For a chance to win, you must do any of the following:


  1. Follow @Pocketnow on twitter.
  2. Tweet the following: “Hey @Pocketnow. I want the full VR experience with the @LG G3 VR Headset! #VRForMe” <– don’t forget the link.


  1. Like Pocketnow on Facebook.
  2. Post a comment on this Facebook post that answers the question asked.

Google Plus

Post a comment on this post that answers the question asked.

One random editorial this week will have a question specifically pertaining to the LG G3 VR Headset. Answer the question in a comment for that post.

Pocketnow Weekly

Our Pocketnow weekly podcast this week will include an on-air trivia question at some point. Email your answer to podcast [at] pocketnow [dot] com.

And now, the boring legal stuff:

The Legalities

  • Contest period begins on April 15, 2015 and ends at 12pm ET, April 20, 2015
  • Contest open to all human inhabitants of the United States and Canada
  • Only one submission per email address, Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus account
  • You are allowed one (1) entry on each platform represented.
  • Multiple email addresses per person will result in disqualification
  • Prize is one (1) LG G3 VR Headset with an Approximate Retail Value of $5.60 – Look at it this way; you won’t have to fill out any tax forms.
  • Every entrant must fulfill the requirements above for one or more of the platforms
  • Grand-prize winners (5) will be selected from a random drawing of those who follow the directions above, one (1) winner for each platform – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus,, Pocketnow Weekly Podcast
  • Contest submissions will be accepted at any time up to 12 noon, ET, on April 20. Any submissions received after that cut-off will not be considered.
  • All valid submissions will be placed into a pool, from which the winner will be chosen at random using
  • If a winner is chosen who does not live in the US/Canada, an alternate winner will be chosen
  • If by some chance the same person is chosen on two platforms, an alternate winner from the second platform will be chosen.
  • If a winner does not contact us within 48 hours of notification, an alternate winner will be chosen.

Of course, we want to wish the best of luck to all who enter!


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