Gingerbread Ported to HTC HD2

Developers on XDA have apparently managed to get Android 2.3 Gingerbread booting on an HTC HD2, just a day after the OS was launched and the SDK released. Several members had independently been working on a port since user spbeeking uploaded a copy of the Gingerbread system.img file extracted from the SDK, but it was DarkStone1337 who provided the final piece of the puzzle in the form of a modified inti.rc file. However, since DarkStone is unable to release any actual builds due to time constraints, he is leaving further development up to the rest of the community — meaning that no simplified package yet exists for end users to boot the platform’s new version.

Apparently that’s just as well, as many of the HD2’s hardware components are incompatible with the current image, and that won’t likely change until the Nexus One’s OTA Gingerbread update arrives and gets dumped in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Leo users will probably have some sort of 2.3 action to play with before then, but any build based off the SDK is never going to be much more than a proof of concept.

Source: XDA (1),(2)

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