The new direction HP is taking in regards to webOS 2.0 upgrades for existing webOS devices surely has lots of Palm users feeling confused and a bit betrayed. Yesterday, the potential for getting these updates suddenly changed from “all devices will get them sometime this year” to “don’t expect an easy OTA update, if we even come out with an update for your phone at all“. While HP said that it would work on some sort of plan to bring existing users along to a current webOS release, it still left a lot of ambiguities hanging. Now the company has put up a tool you can use to see what the future has in store for your Palm device.

Head over to HP’s website where you can input your Palm device’s serial number and hear what you’re in store for, straight from the horse’s mouth. What the site tells you is going to be based not only on which model Palm you have, but what provider you use it on. For some, you’ll get a cut-and-dry “Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.” Other users have reported glimmers of hope, being told “Palm is working with (your carrier) to provide a software update for your device.” The trade-up program we had speculated upon seems referenced as well, with some queries returning statements that HP and your carrier may be “working on alternative plans”.

It doesn’t look like HP has entirely decided how to proceed from here, as most responses the site generates ask you to check back in a few weeks for updates. For now, at least, the phones with the best chances of receiving the upgrade look to be Plus models, specifically those on European networks.

Source: HP

Via: PreCentral

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