Twitter voice DMs

Twitter recently introduced audio tweets, which as the name suggests, lets users send out voice recordings as tweets rather than typing them. While the feature was a convenient addition, Twitter attracted a ton of criticism and later had to apologize for the lack of accessibility inputs for audio tweets, especially transcriptions for people with hearing disabilities. The social media giant is now looking to bring that experience to your DMs, which means you’ll soon be able to send voice messages in DMs instead of having to type a text message. Alex Ackerman-Greenberg, product manager for direct messages at Twitter, has reportedly told The Verge that the company will soon begin testing voice messages starting with Brazil.

“We know people want more options for how they express themselves in conversations on Twitter — both publicly and privately,” Greenberg was quoted as saying. Twitter is not the first major social media platform to add audio messages in conversations, as Facebook already offers this feature and Instagram has had it since 2018. Talking about the interface, Twitter voice DMs will have a barebones design with only a play/pause button and the sender’s profile picture that pulsates while the audio message plays. In case you’re worried about the abusive use of voice messages feature in Twitter DMs, there is an option to report it.

Twitter voice DMs have already been spotted testing

Twitter was first spotted testing the feature back in August. As per screenshots shared by Twitter user @alex193a, the voice recording button will sit on the right side alongside the text message field. Users will be able to listen to their voice messages before they hit the send button. However, there is no word if there will be a limit when it comes to the duration of voice messages.

Social media guru Matt Navarra also shared a screenshot of voice messages feature in DMs earlier this month. The pop-up message for this new capability mentions that voice messages in DMs are currently being tested as a beta in Brazil, and that using it will reveal their location.

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