Get 21 megapixels on both sides of the Meitu M6

Sure, there are phones out there that claim that they’re all about the selfie. But until now, many modern “camera-phones” have been focused on either one side or the other. But with Meitu, — you know, the company that wanted you to have it all with its V4 — it’s giving you everything it’s got on all sides.

Meet the M6. Sure, it has a full HD LCD screen across five inches. The Helio P10 chipset from MediaTek won’t drag on eight cores and 3GB certainly helps. 64GB of storage is also cool enough to store some Hi-Fi audio you want to play back with a battery rated at 2,900mAh to last you. Don’t forget about the fingerprint sensor and, of course, the pair of 21-megapixel cameras at front and back are the real stars here. All of this for ¥3,000 or about $455.

The V4 also got revised to fit in a five-inch full HD AMOLED panel, all of the same silicon, RAM and cameras as the M6, plus up to 128GB of storage, though with a power sacrifice down to 2,650mAh. There’s also an option to get some leather on the back. Pricing for this baby hits the ceiling at ¥5,000 or $759.

Source: Meitu [V4] (Google Translate)
Via: PhoneArena

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