Germany considers locking Huawei out of its network

The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Norway are just some of the countries that are either considering or already putting into place ways to block out Chinese telecommunications company Huawei from selling its networking equipment for use in their countries’ 5G networks.

Australia believes it has found evidence that the company was able to manipulate access into a network using its equipment. The United States is chasing its CFO, alleging trade sanction infractions and misconduct surrounding them. And there are general jitters around the thought that the Chinese government can conduct espionage through vulnerabilities in Huawei’s products. The company has said that the claims aren’t true time and time again, but still, governments are mulling over the role Huawei has in their communications grid.

Add Germany to the mulling pile. Handelsblatt reports that cellular industry groups are pressuring Berlin to take action to lessen the economy’s dependence on China. That includes moving away from cheap Huawei wares — Reuters reports that ministers have not come upon a solution to this, but one suggested method would be to amend security requirements to the point where Huawei may not be able to meet them.

BDI, one of the groups advocating for less reliance on Chinese business, has since stated that no company should be barred from supplying Germany’s 5G networks without evidence.

Still, any Germanic notions against Huawei, which has seen an insurgence of domestic support over the past several weeks, are in-line with other major economies.

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