The race is on for the hottest smartwatch this holiday season. Apple’s going to do fantastic business, to be sure, but it’s not competing for the same shoppers as all the other big wearable players, and some of the most interesting action is happening over on the Android-supporting side of the fence. There, the smartwatch market just saw a huge upset as one of the season’s hotter-looking models imploded on itself, with LG pulling the plug on Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE sales. That leaves companies like Huawei, Pebble, Motorola, and Samsung to pick up the slack, and they’ll be working hard to secure sales. Samsung’s been taking steps to make its new Gear S2 even more attractive, and this week we see the company begin distribution of a software update that aims to improve the Gear S2 experience through the introduction of a bunch of new features.

This may not be game-changing stuff, but we’re looking at a lot of little changes that add up to enriching Gear S2 usability just a bit. Users will discover the ability to auto-open apps by stopping bezel rotation, adjust screen time-outs, and check out a notification indicator. There’s tap-to-enlarge for notification text, the ability to save a customized watchface as a template, and the introduction of some new apps. And if you walk out of range of the Gear S2’s connection to your smartphone, the watch can alert you of the lost signal via vibration.

So far we’ve heard of Samsung getting distribution started in South Korea, though we’d imagine other markets can’t be far behind. We’ve also heard that this updated software should be already present on newly sold Gear S2 units in the very near future, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Source: supersoulfly (XDA-Developers forums)
Via: SamMobile

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