Back in December, Samsung gave fans of the Gear S2 Classic smartwatch (the design with that lovely knurled bezel ring) something to look forward to in the new year as it announced that the wearable was about to pick up two new color options: platinum and rose gold. At CES in early January we got a chance to check out the new hardware, bringing you a hands-on look at the new models. A few weeks later, we even saw retailers getting ready to sell these puppies – but still with no firm word on when they might actually become available, outside a general one-to-two-month window. Well, it looks like it’s not even going to be a full month of waiting, as Samsung today announces that sales are just about to start.

As of tomorrow, February 12, the new Gear S2 Classic colors will descend upon retailers across the US. Those include both brick-and-mortar stores, online sites like Amazon, and direct sales through Samsung itself.

Just as we saw when Amazon was prepping for sales a couple weeks back, the new models will sell for $450 a pop, making them noticeably more expensive than existing Gear S2 Classic offerings. Right now, anyway, you can get a standard Gear S2 Classic for right about $300.

Admittedly, this isn’t just about color, and Samsung points out that there are some actual premium materials at play: the rose gold model, for instance is plated in real 18k gold. Will that be enough to tempt shoppers to drop even more cash on one of last year’s smartwatch models – especially if manufacturers are just about to bring out their latest wearables for MWC in a little over a week? The choice is yours, and starting tomorrow, you’ll finally be able to make it for yourself.

Source: Samsung

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