With MWC so close over the horizon, and some of its big flagship devices having leaked as thoroughly as they have, it’s easy to start getting a little cynical: why look forward to the expo when we already know what we’re getting? But that would be a foolish position to take, and for as much as we may think we know about the new hardware about to make its debut, we’re nearly guaranteed to find ourselves facing some big surprises. Take Samsung, for instance: the Galaxy S7 may be leaking six ways from Sunday, but the same can’t be said for every device we could be meeting at Unpacked – like the rumored Gear 360 camera. At least, we’ve heard to look for this new 360-degree wireless camera, but have little in the way of specifics. As we wait for new details to arrive, it looks like Samsung may be getting a head start on its Gear 360 promo work, post to Twitter what just might be a teaser video for the camera.

Admittedly, the video clip we see here doesn’t really scream “360,” “panorama,” “VR,” or anything along those lines (and we know it was just Valentine’s Day, but this scene is still a little weird). But the text copy Samsung shares along with the footage, using phrases like “a new dimension” and “capture every angle,” sure manages to hit just the buttons we’d expect for a device like the Gear 360.

So what’s the message here? The Gear 360 is going to change the way we capture special little moments like this? Will there be some second teaser revealing more of the surrounding area – some kind of “just look how much more sense a video can make when you capture everything around it” narrative?

Really, we simply don’t know right now, but it’s hard to deny that there’s a real undercurrent to this teaser that aligns nicely with existing Gear 360 rumors – we’ll just have to keep waiting to get the full picture.

Source: Samsung (Twitter)
Via: SamMobile
Image: Autopilot

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