Popular Garmin Forerunner 230 GPS running watch on sale for $210, chest strap included

Not quite ready to take GPS specialist Garmin very seriously as far as smartwatch manufacturing goes? It looks like hundreds of thousands of early wearable device adopters are doing just that every quarter nowadays, and the reason is simple.

Unlike Samsung, Motorola or Huawei, which insist on addressing an excessively broad audience without providing compelling use cases for their fancy intelligent timepieces, this American multinational technology company perfectly caters to a niche that’s not too small, and not too big.

Athletes and fitness nuts, both professional and casual, find everything they need on board of Forerunners, Fenix gadgets, Vivosmarts and Vivomoves, covering a wide range of budgets.

If you’re not keen on spending a fortune to accurately track your workouts, the Garmin Forerunner 230 might have just become a must-buy over at BuyDig, where it only costs $210 once you add it to your e-cart.

That’s technically $40 off the list price of the strongly-reviewed GPS running watch, though it also includes a chest strap heart rate monitor, typically worth an extra 50 bucks. Bottom line, you’re looking at solid $90 savings here, as well as the industry’s most reliable albeit uncomfortable HR-supervising solution.

While it doesn’t come with full Android Wear capabilities or anything like that, the Garmin Forerunner 230 can adequately push notifications from connected smartphones to its own 1.23-inch color display, resisting 50 m water immersion, lasting 16 hours of training between battery charges, and tracking steps, distance, pace, time, calories and sleep. All for $210.

Source: BuyDig

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